Family Time is Everything

Entrepreneurs have a lot riding on their businesses. They not only have lots of money invested in their business, much of it coming from their own pockets typically, but they also often have their family’s entire well-being riding on the success or failure of their business. This understandably causes most entrepreneurs to dedicate much of their waking hours on their business, doing everything they can to make it a success. But despite that inherent fact of the entrepreneurial lifestyle, it is important to always remember that family time is everything.

Assuming you do have a family (as opposed to you being a single entrepreneur with no spouse or children), it should be obvious that you do what you do for a living because you want to provide them with the best life possible. In other words, it isn’t all about yourself and how much better you can make your own life, but rather how much better you can make your entire family’s life. And while giving your family financial stability is great, it isn’t everything.

You family needs you to be there for them emotionally as well. The famous movie and television trope where the child of billionaires is ultimately resentful of their parents for not spending enough time with them is not wrong, and any entrepreneur should do whatever it takes to avoid that sort of situation happening to them and their children (or even their spouse potentially).

One of the key benefits of being an entrepreneur is being able to work on your own schedule. Rather than just using that to simply work whenever you feel like it, make use of that freedom and coordinate your schedule with your family. For example, make it a point to work at the same time that your spouse works, or take time off to drop off or pick up your kids from school. If you’re like most typical American households, then you should also do your best to dedicate most, if not all of your evening time to the family, whether that typically includes just having dinner with them every night, or potentially spending further quality time with them throughout the evening (depending on how your own unique family operates).

Weekends should also be dedicated to any and all of the family activities that are planned and scheduled – especially when the activities center around your kids, who are particularly impressionable when it comes to receiving support from their parents in whatever extracurricular activities that they participate in. No matter how boring you may think the event is for you personally, remember that the event means everything to your child, especially when you are there to support him or her.

And speaking of support, keep in mind that the reason you have a family in the first place is so that you have someone to support you, regardless of whether you succeed or fail. Although we all hope that our business succeeds and we can celebrate our newfound prosperity with our spouse and children, we can’t forget that if our business does happen to fail (and in some cases fail miserably), it is our family who is there for us to give us support when we need it most. With that in mind, it should be obvious that anyone who lets their business consume them is ultimately failing to support the very people who are always there to support them in the first place. While running a business (let alone a highly successful one) takes a lot of time and effort, it should never ever interfere with the most valuable thing of all in life, which is your family and the precious time that you get to spend with them.