Kids of the Past vs. Kids Today

Regardless of if you were a parent raising your young child 50 years ago, or if you were a parent raising one today, there is nothing drastically different about kids themselves. They still need lots of attention, and most importantly tender, love and care. However, the environment that we raise our kids has drastically changed over the years, and any parent (regardless of if they are an entrepreneur or are running a business) will need to recognize those changes, in order to effectively raise their young children.

The first major change is due to advances in technology. Back in the day when you had to rely on those wooden blocks to have your young toddler learn that the square block doesn’t fit into the triangle block but only the square one, children needed to be at home in order for them to learn and grow mentally. However, with the advent of products such as the iPad, such learning activities can take place just about anywhere. That very same block “game” can be played while you are driving your kid to dinner, or while you are bringing him or her along while grocery shopping. And there are all sorts of other games as well that are readily available to download, teaching your child about shapes, colors, numbers to name a few examples. If you want to truly stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your child’s development, make sure to embrace technology in this way rather than to shy away from it.

But while technology is absolutely vital to the mental development of your children, it is important to not rely on technology to keep your kids at bay so to speak (especially if you are particularly busy with your business or work in general). Keeping your child distracted on their iPad for too long has a negative side effect of not allowing them to spend time with other young children their own age. This interaction between other children on a regular basis is equally important for your child, to ensure that they develop the proper social skills such as how to share, and how to get along with others. These will be very important when they grow older, through to their teenage years and even through to adulthood, so it is important to get them on the right path in this regard.

One final thing regarding raising children today is that we luckily have access to the internet, which gives us a wealth of knowledge right at our fingertips. This is especially important if your child has any sort of illness or affliction that you can’t quite identify on your own. While years ago parents would often avoid going to the doctor due to the medical costs involved, leaving their children to their own devices and simply hoping they get better eventually, parents today can at least rely on sites such as WebMD to use their children’s symptoms to try and self-diagnose the problem and learn of potential treatments for whatever is afflicting them. Although this certainly doesn’t replace a real professional, it can be quite useful to determine the general seriousness of your child’s affliction. And obviously if it appears to be a serious condition based on your research, or if you really can’t tell what could be wrong with your child, then do not hesitate to go see a real doctor!

Raising young children today is not like it was just a few years prior. We have technology that makes their learning a lot easier, and informative websites to help us out when genuine medical care isn’t readily available. With these changes today, it is quite apparent that raising children is significantly easier in a lot of ways (although the same can’t necessarily be said about raising teenagers). Having said that though, you still absolutely need to go out and do a good job of parenting regardless!