Teens of the Past vs. Teens Today

Raising teenagers is often considered to be more difficult than raising young children in general. This is in part due to them going through puberty, and also simply because they are just a lot more opinionated overall. However, while changes in society have arguably made raising young children easier in a lot of ways, raising teenagers in today’s society is actually more difficult than in years past.

One big reason for that is the rise of social media. Sure, it can actually be quite useful for helping to bring awareness of your business, but there are a lot of negative aspects that come with social media. There are often tons of advertisements that can be distracting and engender compulsive spending, and also trolls who are literally only around to get people to react. And teenagers are often the ones who are affected most. With very temperamental emotions, the last thing you want is for your teenager to always want to be purchasing the latest and greatest thing he or she saw on Facebook, or for him or her to feel emotionally threatened by a troll on Twitter.

Raising teenagers has also become problematic due to the over-sexualized culture teenagers are growing up in. And that sort of culture is in large part due to the internet which makes it completely effortless to uncover explicit sexual content and information on demand. All it takes is a few clicks for curious (if not outright horny) teenagers to find porn to masturbate to, or to learn how to make a girl squirt on command. This curiosity, coupled with their raging hormones, causes teenagers to be overtly obsessed with sex, when they quite frankly wouldn’t be otherwise, leading to teenagers willingly putting themselves at risk of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy, all in the hopes of satisfying their sexual urges. Because of how quickly things can spiral out of control in this regard, it really puts a lot of responsibility on the parents to know what their teenagers are up to at all times, whether they are just browsing the internet, or are just hanging out with a friend of the opposite sex.

Teenagers are also greatly affected by the general culture of work and education in society today. Back in the day, teenagers were much more willing to work at a young age. In fact, they not only were willing to work, but they actually oftentimes worked specifically to help support their families. Teenagers today on the other hand have a much more rigorous educational system which takes up too much time in their schedules for them to also squeeze in part-time work. So instead of working, they rely on their parents for an allowance to fund their impulsive purchases. And for the teenagers that do work while in high school, they often do so because their parents explicitly don’t provide them with an allowance, or because their allowance just isn’t “enough” for them.

Along those same lines, most teenagers today are also brought up to believe that they not only need to get a college degree, but that they should follow that up by spending a few years “finding” themselves before getting a stable job. While this isn’t necessarily something that parents are required to deal with (since teenagers are technically not your responsibility once they turn 18), many parents feel obliged to not only pay for their teenager’s college tuition, but to give them a rent-free place to stay as well, both quite clearly being significant financial burdens on their part.

In short, raising teenagers is not a walk in the park by any means. This is in part due to the rise of social media and the internet, as well as a shift in cultural values that directly relate to teenagers specifically. As easy as it may have felt raising your children when they were younger, it may feel equally as difficult raising them as teenagers. However, when it is all said and done, and your teenagers have finally grown up, it will definitely all be worth it.