The Allure of Entrepreneurship

For most people in today’s society, a steady job is the way to go. Having set hours, with pre-defined pay, as well as benefits in many cases, seems like everything one could every want, not just for themselves, but also for their families. But that lifestyle is admittedly not something that all people gravitate towards. Rather than simply “working for the man” (or woman), these people instead risk everything to be their own boss. That is entrepreneurship, and today we are going to talk about exactly why it is so alluring to so many people.

Although working a typical day job may seem great on the surface, over time, it can definitely eat away at you. Always having to show up at a certain time, for the same number of hours every day, all the while reporting to a boss that has the final say on everything is not something most people look forward to. And while there is definitely a certain level of stability involved with a typical day job, it comes at the expense of your own freedom. Freedom to show up to work when you want, and to leave when you want (or to simply not show up for work that day completely). And the freedom to make your own decisions while at work. This freedom is honestly so valuable, especially when you consider that a large chunk of your life is dedicated to work, and that is why numerous people, especially those who previously worked long hours for an unforgiving boss or company, make the switch to being entrepreneurs.

Freedom isn’t the only reason entrepreneurship is so alluring. In fact it probably isn’t even the biggest reason. No, the biggest reason entrepreneurship is so alluring is because it can lead to huge financial prosperity. While working a typical day job can certainly pay the bills, it is common knowledge that the bulk of the profits go towards the investors of the company itself. Even your boss makes peanuts compared to the company’s investors, meaning that even if you were to climb the corporate ladder, you would still not be making nearly as much as you could be making otherwise. With a self-run business, you earn all of the profits. All of it. You have a direct financial stake in how well the company does, and that will assuredly only push you to work even harder to make those profits soar. And for those who might be thinking that an entrepreneur will never compare to a large corporation, keep in mind that the profits from large corporations are split amongst all of the investors, while your own business profits all go to you. And regardless of that fact, being able to take in six-figures of profit is more than likely a lot more than what you would be making at most typical day jobs. In other words, the profits from a successful small business are absolutely nothing to sneeze at.

Now admittedly, running a small business almost always comes with significant risk, especially when you first begin your entrepreneurial journey. In most cases, you need to put in significant amounts of cash just to get your business off the ground and running and hope that it eventually becomes successful enough to not only recoup your initial investment, but to make you even more money on top of that. But to be honest, that risk is part of the fun of being an entrepreneur. In the same way that gambling is exciting because of the inherent risk involved, running a small business will rejuvenate your work ethnic and keep you waking up every morning with the drive to succeed no matter what, so long as you have that go-getter mindset (just don’t be afraid to realize when it’s time to move on). So while entrepreneurship is definitely not for everyone based primarily on those inherent risks alone, it is hard not to see the allure associated with it, especially if you have the necessary drive and ambition.